Campaign manager Rich Greenwood

Mark Kiley and I have been friends for over 45 years, so I can say with confidence that he would be an excellent representative for the 2nd Assembly. Having lived here all his life, he is aware of problems and needs of our area. He also knows how to listen, and would bring our voices to Madison. Please join me in helping to make Mark Kiley that person representing us in Madison


Treasurer Becky Ruelle

Becky Ruelle is the treasurer for Kiley 4 Assembly. I am eager to dip my feet into the political arena and support Mark. Though challenging at times it's a very rewarding experience and one that I enjoy tackling. 


The Candidate Mark Kiley

Mark Kiley is, and has always been, a go-getter. He has set his  standards very high, and will continue to fight for change until the 2nd assembly and the state of Wisconsin's vision has been reached. Working in the public realm for many years, Mark has a history of excellence, and holds the public interest very close to heart. Please explore the site to find out more about Kiley 4 Assembly and their vision for change.

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