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Hello everyone,
For some time now I have been traveling throughout District 2 and meeting or speaking with community leaders, town halls, school officials and the like in order to better understand today's challenges that we face and may face in the future. My feeling is that the more we understand our districts concerns the more prepared we can be to come up with the working together solutions that I have been campaigning on. After opening dialog with Senator Dave Hanson just before the holidays, I have a better understanding of what is going on in Madison and how to fight for our district. I am happy that the Senator sounded supportive and encouraged my representation agenda. We have a growing task list and have much support from the officials that I have met with thus far, but my efforts to meet with our leaders has understandably become more difficult because of the issues that they are currently dealing with. However, I need to explain the little bit of silence on the part of my campaign, I understand that many of us are dealing with fear and frustration during this time of uncertainty. It is a difficult time and people have been asking me for advice dealing with our current pandemic situation so I will give you my views but I ask you to understand that this is no time for politics to add to the confusion and frustration. The pandemic is very real. However, I do believe that we can get through this together if we just listen to our public health care professionals and community leaders.  My team (Rich, Becky and myself) are even doing are best to be responsible and practicing social distancing but we stay in touch with technology.  In addition, we need a renewed effort to be kind to one another. I have met with a lot of upset people out there and I believe that we can come together and understand each other's position. Trust and understanding will go a long way to instill calm in all of us.
Please share your views with me on Facebook or email us at I am listening and I am looking forward to working for you.

Mark A. Kiley (District 2 Assembly Candidate)Becky Ruelle (Treasurer)Rich Greenwood (Manager/Senior Advisor)

Happy Birthday America!

I have a happy birthday wish to give, and I want to explain why, my goal is to deliver a United message, so here goes.

My grandfather served in WW1, My father in WW2,  I have a brother who enlisted in the Navy, and another who is retired from the US Navy during the Vietnam conflict and is now paying the price. Frankly, the cowardly slogan that says "Make America Great Again" is offensive to me as I believe it is to many others as well. There are so many people with family members and friends who are serving, or have proudly served, and sadly some who have paid the ultimate price. Frankly, I have so much respect for all these freedom fighters and salute them and thank them all.

This country has always fought for our freedoms and has proudly strived to set a leadership example for the rest of the world. We all know that this country has not always been perfect to this grand experiment, but has always risen to accept the challenges that have confronted us.  I believe that we can ALWAYS govern ourselves, and continue to represent the school of thought that we will always be a beacon of hope to the rest of the world.

So to say that we should, that we should,  Make America Great Again? You already are Lady Liberty!

Happy 244th Birthday America! 🇺🇸

Mark Kiley


The Issues At Hand

The Environment

I understand that ground water is a huge concern and I recognize that we need the people affected to get their voice heard. Another issue I would love to support is renewable energy whether it be wind, solar, and the like.


The first order of business with education is to curb the rising cost of it, and properly fund the educational system and the heroes that we call teachers. These are extraordinary versatile individuals who have accepted the challenge to accommodate the current educational struggles.

Health Care

I have been dealing with health issues my entire life, I have even owned a business for a decade in the health care industry. I can say we must bring the cost of health care down by being enacting innovative legislation to achieve those goals. Just as we are dealing with the current pandemic, we need to start listening to the scientific communities, in doing that they can be the force to drive us down the path of health care success.


Although we have made many improvements in daily maintenance due to the hard working people in our communities, we need to properly fund and direct road and bridge maintenance to protect the investment we already made and build a better transportation system for our future.


Recognizing that there are a record number of people living in poverty, the minimum wage issue needs to be addressed. People deserve to make a living wage.

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